100 Awesome Blog Tips Articles to Take Your Blogging to the Next Level

These recommended articles will give you all the blog tips you need to get your blog off to a powerful start :-)

These are articles I’ve read recently that I found particularly valuable. They are all from blogs I read regularly. As someone who writes a blog, I know it is also essential to read a lot of blogs. I get questions from professionals and business owners about how to get started blogging, and this is always one of the first things I say: read blogs!

This is the number one way to learn what works, what doesn’t and what YOU want to write about. I recommend anyone interested in blogging should spend a month or so just reading other blogs. Subscribe, comment, spend some real time. Do this specifically in the space you want to occupy. For example, if you want to write a blog about real estate in your particular market area, search people up and find out who’s already active in your niche. Subscribe to their blog, comment them, read plenty of articles. Take note of the design of their sites. Who is hosting these sites? What things do you like, dislike, and what can you improve upon?

Spend time reading, paying attention first

Spending time reading and interacting on other blogs will help you develop your own blogging voice, and your own blogging voice is one of the most essential elements to any successful blog. For my own personal space, I obviously read a lot about blogging itself. Throughout my research I’ve accumulated a lot of awesome blog tips I’ve been wanting to share with you. I wanted to take one post and really link up a lot of my favorite fellow bloggers, and share with you some of the best blog tips I’ve come across that I think will motivate, educate and/or inspire you.

Blog tips, education, motivation

Some of these are great, educational posts. Some are motivational, and some are great resources to help you get started and be successful with blogging and social networking for your business. This list will direct you to some  really solid ideas about how to get great results from your blogging and social networking. It’s guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing! Take time, do the work. Get started right now! And don’t forget to let me know how these articles have helped you!

  1. How Twitter Made My Website Better
  2. How to make money using the Internet
  3. The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online
  4. What is a Blog?
  5. How to Write Your “About Me” Page
  6. How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs
  7. How I Make $40,000 a Month From a Blog
  8. How Much Is A Domain Name Worth?
  9. The Art Of Link Baiting
  10. My Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins
  11. Why RSS Is Bad
  12. A Step-By-Step Blog Launch Plan and Roadmap
  13. How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money Online?
  14. The Secret To Attracting More Comments On Your Blog
  15. Which Is More Secure – The 9-5 Job Or Self-Employment?
  16. How To Never Run Out of Content For Your Blog Again
  17. How to Set Up A Blog (For the Long Run)
  18. How to Sell from Your Blog (The Ultra-Basics)
  19. Why Blog Marketing is Cheap Marketing
  20. The Top 10 Ways to NOT Launch a Blog
  21. How to Begin Blogging When You Don’t Know Where to Start
  22. Create a Blog Pack to Get Blog Traffic and Increase Subscriptions
  23. Do You Reward Your Visitors?
  24. Using Stats to Improve Your Traffic
  25. What’s Your Google Disaster Plan?
  26. How I Doubled My Blog Traffic in 2 Months
  27. 5 Easy Traffic Building Tips
  28. To the people who told me that I will never make it in Life
  29. Reasons why to become a Self Made Millionaire
  30. Tell People What You Want Them to Do for You
  31. What You Don’t Publish, Defines Your Site
  32. How to Become an Authority in Your Niche: Eight Content Development Tactics
  33. 6 Fool-Proof Steps to Make More Money With Your Website
  34. Creating a Definitive Blueprint for a Profitable Blog: A Community Ebook Idea
  35. Samantha Ettus interviews “The Social Media Sommelier” Gary Vaynerchuk
  36. Make Money Blogging – Lesson 1(series)
  37. Thoughts on writing timeless blog posts and post bylines
  38. Top 18 most downloaded WordPress plugins ever
  39. How one blog comment can bring you 230+ unique visitors
  40. How Gary Vaynerchuk built a multi-million dollar empire around a video blog
  41. How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website
  42. Never Trust a Silent Customer
  43. How to Get Customers to Beg for Your Business Card?
  44. Stuck With A Zero Marketing Budget?
  45. How To Double Your Sales (Over And Over Again)
  46. How To Stop Regretting The Past And Start Building Your Future
  47. How To Make Time When There Is No Time
  48. Three Simple Cheats To Free Up Five Hours This Week
  49. What People Trying To Make Money Online Blogging Don’t Get
  50. My Top 10 Worst Ideas To Make Money
  51. The Three Ds That Will Make or Break Your Blogging Career – Desire
  52. ‘Hustling’ to Get What You Want
  53. 25 Paths to an Insanely Popular Blog
  54. The One True Cause of Rapidfire Growth
  55. Please God, I Want To Be A Salesman At Verizon Wireless
  56. Which Came First? Your Black Card or Your Book?
  57. The Shortest “How To Make Millions” Blog Post Ever Written…
  58. Entrepreneurship: What To Do When You’re Scared Sh*tless
  59. How We Killed Social Media
  60. How to Make Money From Your Blog
  61. How to Make Lots of Money During a Recession
  62. How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)
  63. Stages Of Buyer Awareness
  64. Applying Scarcity And Urgency
  65. Telling Compelling Stories
  66. The Power Of Niche Marketing
  67. Biggest Mistakes Writers Make
  68. Twitter for Beginners: 5 Steps for Better Tweeting
  69. 10 Twitter Best Practices for Brands
  70. FOLLOW FAIL: The Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You in Return on Twitter
  71. HOW TO: Use Social Media for Enterprise Business
  72. FACEBOOK FAIL: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster
  73. HOW TO: Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles
  74. Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand
  75. Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Social Media Profiles
  76. 20 of the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress
  77. 30+ Tools to Turn WordPress into a Personal Hub
  78. 3 Ways to Make More Money Blogging
  79. 7 Tools For Blogging On Your Phone
  80. Top 10 Free E-books For Bloggers
  81. 40+ Free Blog Hosts
  82. 30+ WordPress Plugins To Get More Blog Readers
  83. Winning on the uphills
  84. The difference between strangers and friends
  85. Find your voice
  86. Two ways to build trust
  87. You matter
  88. Harvesting
  89. Understanding The New Advertising Environment [i.e. Social Networks, Blogs, SEO]
  90. Content for Your Business Blog
  91. Can I Manage My Own Free Business Blog?
  92. Online, Only Blogs Establish Brand!
  93. 5 Things To Know Before Setting Up Your Business Blog
  94. How Blogging Markets Your Business
  95. Successful business blogging in just one step
  96. Use Twitter to Lay Groundwork for Your Business Blog
  97. Small Business Blogging Part 1: Finding Your Niche
  98. Blogging is Good for Your Business
  99. Get Your Small Business Involved in Social Media
  100. Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Business


  1. says

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for putting together this comprehensive list. I’ve been reading a few of them and there’s some valuable insights to be found for all bloggers, if not some portent reminders for those who’ve been at it for awhile.

    Thanks for sharing this resource.

  2. says

    Tanveer – thanks! Good point, this stuff is surely just as valuable to someone who’s been blogging a while. The good stuff never gets old!
    Lynette – yes, please do come back! It’s good to have you, and I appreciate the feedback :)

  3. says

    What a great list. That will keep me busy for awhile. I have bookmarked this page so I can come back to it. I think it will definitely help me to know better how and why to do a better job of blogging. Thanks.

  4. says

    I can’t help but to tweet & stumbled this! ^^
    There are some that I missed in between, glad to catch a glimpse of them from the list. I believe all bloggers should read these posts and get inspired. Even re-reading some of them got me thinking and perhaps generate new ideas for my coming posts.

    You can be sure I have this blog subscribed. Keep up the good work!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  5. says

    Christian, great info, I’ll definitely be back.

    Where’s your RSS link? I read my feeds in Outlook offline when I travel, I’d love to subscribe but can’t find the link?

  6. says

    Thanks Christian, what a great timesaver. This list will be a big help! Looking forward to diving in. Even though 100 articles may take a while, it looks like a great investment.

  7. says

    Thanks Augie! I’ve read em all and learned much, which is why I’m compelled to share. Oh yeah, it’ll take a minute to go through em all. Bookmark and come back as needed…no need to try getting through em all today! The list is also now available in my ebook which is available for download. Grab a free copy of that if you like :)

  8. says

    rock on Carl :-) Yeah it took me a little time to compile these articles, but I honestly think there’s some awesome stuff here. This isn’t just thrown together. It’s the top content I think any new blogger should read; a great starting point. Let me know if you have any questions!


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