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"I absolutely love working with you...this will be the best decision we've ever made." -Doug Joyce

What We Do

The DT Difference


As a marketing agency, we know the world doesn't need another company that sells SEO, web design and other technology-based services.

That's not what we do.

You already have more than enough products and services. What's lacking is a strategy that ties these elements together to produce predictable results.

The tools and strategies we provide don't just increase your sales. They give you control over your bottom line and streamline your business. They reintroduce sanity and predictability to your small business...

Get Website Visitors

You don't just need more visitors to your website. You need the RIGHT visitors, and you need them to take ACTION when they get there. That requires a different approach. We don't focus on driving traffic. We focus on driving revenue.

Web Design

Website vendors talk all day long about "hits" and "clicks". But you can't put hits in the bank, and you can't pay your employees with clicks. Our focus is on building websites that earn you business. Our approach to web design is literally backwards from the other vendors out there.

SIFI Web Hosting

Set-It-And-Forget-It website hosting. Your website is a machine that needs to be maintained. But you need to focus on growing your business, not on database optimization and troubleshooting slow query errors. We handle all the tech stuff, for less than you pay your assistant to run and get you a cup of coffee.

24 Hr Help Desk

Our help desk works around the clock and responds to all inquiries within 24 hrs. We help you with marketing, lead gen, IT, everything related to growing your business. We have a large team here, and many of us have over a decade of marketing and IT experience. It's like having corporate-level IT support for a price that any small business can easily afford.

Email Marketing

Did you know the majority of your business will come from people who hit your site at least 9 times? Unfortunately, most visitors will only hit your site once. Let us employ an email marketing strategy for you that keeps your visitors coming back again and again.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, etc, etc. Are these tools adding to your bottom line, or are they just problems for you? With so much noise on the internet, you need a STRATEGY for cutting through the chaos and getting your message across to the people you need to reach.

DT Client Membership Site

You have a small business, you have a website, and you have...questions. How do you get more leads and sales from the web? How do you keep your blog active with content that actually produces results? How do you improve your search engine visibility? What is the best way to get more people to open and take action on the emails you send to your customers? How do you advertise your website effectively, without wasting a ton of time and money?

It's time to get answers. You get step-by-step tutorials, proven, easy-to-follow systems and 24 hour access to our help desk through our membership site. As a client, you get immediate access and free updates to all of our training materials and systems.

Become a Client Today

For New Clients in February: Subscribe at any level, and get a sign-on bonus worth $697. We can't tell ya what the bonus is, but we guarantee you'll be blown away.

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  • 24 Hr Help Desk
  • Basic-level Access to DT Membership site
  • SIFI Web Hosting
  • 20% Discount on all Marketing Packages




  • All Basic-level benefits, plus...
  • Pro-level Access to DT Membership site
  • eCommerce and Membership site support
  • Advanced lead capture features



Call for Pricing

  • All Pro-level benefits, plus...
  • Managed SEO, PPC and SMO campaigns
  • Managed lead generation and email marketing campaigns
  • Much more...


What People are Saying

Turn around time was fantastic…

Very receptive to input, creative and they communicate well. Turn around time was fantastic.

– Ken Montville


– Ken Montville

Very receptive to input, creative and they communicate well. Turn around time was fantastic.

Very impressed…

Very impressed. Christian clearly knows what he is talking about.

– Jim Johnston


– Jim Johnston

Very impressed. Christian clearly knows what he is talking about.

Hire Christian with confidence…

Christian is a strong marketer, well-known blogger, and asset to the industry. Hire Christian with confidence.

– Michael Maher


– Michael Maher

Christian is a strong marketer, well-known blogger, and asset to the industry. Hire Christian with confidence.

More and happier clients…

We have conversion rates to shoot for and a means to accomplish them. Your help has and will continue to result in more and happier clients for us- as well as more consistent inflow!

– Doug Joyce


– Doug Joyce


Innovative, motivated and professional…

Christian is innovative, motivated and professional. He seems to be very focused and knowledgeable in his business. I enjoy his down-to-earth demeanor and fun personality.

– Kristy Miley


– Kristy Miley

Christian is innovative, motivated and professional. He seems to be very focused and knowledgeable in his business. I enjoy his down-to-earth demeanor and fun personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a website. Can you help me get better results with what I already have?

Of course! Most businesses already have a website. We can work with what you have, make small modifications or a total rework of your site. Whatever is the best fit for your situation.

If your site is already performing well, and you just need help getting more traffic, we have you covered on that front as well.

Importantly, we are not concerned about whether you use one of our websites or one from another vendor. Our only goal is to provide you the resources you need to reach your goals.

This is one of the areas our agency differs. We're a marketing and consulting agency first and a design firm second. We only offer web design because SO many of our clients need it. If you have a website you're happy with or a different designer you prefer to work with, that's 100% cool with us. We're here to help you with your goals either way.

Do you offer telephone support?

We offer telephone support by appointment. Please consider that in our experience, the written record created by a text-based ticketing system solves problems much more efficiently and effectively, and archives those solutions for future reference in a way that telephone conversations cannot.

Additionally, offering on-demand phone support would dramatically increase our pricing, so we choose to avoid this. Even though email is much faster and more efficient, we understand that sometimes a phone call is preferable.

If you prefer to book an appointment to address your issue via telephone, this option is always available to you.

By becoming a client, am I agreeing to a long-term contract?

We offer three options with any of our marketing and service agreements. First, you can subscribe month-to-month. Second, you can subscribe for 12 months for a 10% discount. Third, you can finance any project or campaign with us for up to 3 years.

If you have any questions, we're always happy to review options with you.

What is the main difference between the websites you build and what I could get anywhere else?

First, every site we build is yours. You own it. This is a profound difference between us and most vendors. While other vendors don't require you to sign a long term contract (we don't either), if you stop paying them, your site goes away. This means your content, your search rankings, your's all gone.

If you ever decide to part ways with us however, you still get to keep your site. The only thing you're paying us for is to take care of the maintenance and marketing for you. We don't hold your website hostage.

Second, you will enjoy quite a bit more flexibility and performance with one of our sites, because they're built from the ground up to provide that type of functionality. Most websites just don't offer the ability to fine tune performance like ours do.

Details matter. If your bottom line matters to you, hire us. Our focus isn't on pretty pictures. Our focus is finding the sweet spot between functional design and performance that adds to your bottom line.


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The truth is, the best way for us to show you the value of what we do is to just go ahead and give it to you for free.

Let's set up a time to do a free consult for you. We'll take a look at your business and set up a time to talk. You'll walk away from the appointment with specific, actionable steps you can take to measurably improve the results you're getting from your current marketing.

If you like the ideas we share with you, we can discuss working together further. But allow us to show you the value up front, without it costing you a penny. Fair enough?

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